Revolutionize your site selection process

With access to over 200 million data points related to employees and customers from more than 50 data sources, we apply our unique analysis to offer comprehensive location recommendations using our patent-pending approach.

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Accelerate decisions with intelligence powered by Bluechip

Business Insights Dashboard

Empower your site selection strategy

Score Insights Dashboard

Optimize your site selection process


Intelligent Insights for Informed Decisions

Labor Market Comparison

Effortlessly compare labor scenarios around your sites with Score Insights.

Dive Deeper into Labor Dynamics

Explore the labor market within a specified drive time from each site. Visualize workforce distribution relative to your locations.

Track Workforce Migrations

Gain insights into workforce migration patterns near your sites, enhancing your understanding of labor pool availability.


Tailored Reports for Informed Decisions

Unlock the Power of Commute Analysis

Gain valuable insights into the impact of commute analysis on your workface, helping you make informed decisions.

Labor Market Insights

Understand the dynamic labor landscape surrounding your locations for effective strategies.

Explore Commute and Transit Hubs

Identify multiple commute and transit hotspots near your sites and optimize your business strategies.

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